Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Fossil Secrets That You May Not Know About

Updated: Jul 27

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular titles in the Animal Crossing series. Since the version 2.0 game and was released on November 2021 - alongside the Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise paid DLC - was announced to be the final major update, several veterans quit the game.

But don't be afraid, you are not alone, considering the game has sold 38 million copies since launch and average trend interest is around 4-6 percent, that means roughly 2,2 million people who bought ACNH are still playing it regularly.

Since players’ daily routine is quite the same every day, repeating activities may cause some tiring. And just like you and me, some users hate the spawning mechanics in the game, such as rocks spawning, branches spawning and fossils spawning. Especially when you are trying to terraforming the whole island, this could cause a mess in the way.

So if you are at the end game, already donated all fossils to the museum, don't need couple grand of bells a day (by selling fossils), or you've gifted enough fossils to villagers to gain their friendship, this post will help you with get rid of the unwanted - random spawned craps.


Fortunately, one Reddit user found a hidden feature to stop fossil spawning in Animal Crossing New Horizons. According to the creator, if you bury six fossils on your island, no more fossils will spawn on your island until you dig them out first. And if you don't want them to disturb the look of your organized, well-themed island, you could just bury them behind a cliff or some corner out of sight.

Or if you are creative enough, you can just use them to decorate a digging site.

Not so surprised, this topic got a lot interests from players all over the world, thanking them for the useful tip.

Not stopping there, another user also share the tip the crack another spawning mechanic of tree branches, and stones.

They said, ” 6 fossils buried. 15 branches dropped. 1 stone dropped. No more crap spawning where I don’t want it!”. So for fossils you need to bury them, but stones and branches you need to drop them instead.


Apparently, getting rid of random fossil holes also help finding gyroids easier, so if you are on a mission to collect all gyroids for your collection, this could be helpful.

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